• Student Voice 2016

Student Voice

At St James’, we believe that having an effective student voice is an integral part in the school's success. The opportunities that we have for student voice are vast and it's contribution is invaluable.

We believe that all young people making their way in the world today need to be equipped with the necessary skills of leadership, public speaking, organisation and given positions of responsibility where they can be nurtured and developed.

We use student voice to inform our future planning. This ensures that we use student feedback to move us forward in our lessons and whole school priorities.

Our students were surveyed on our PSHE programme. Students were integral in the selection process for our  catering provider; the external agents we used to facilitate this process were very complimentary of the professional way our students undertook their roles in this process.

The student council meets formally every month and is chaired by our Head Boy and Head Girl, both of whom are in Year 13. The remainder of members is made up of representatives from each of years 7-11:

Student council members

Head Boy and Head Girl – Ben Gussetti and Morgan-Reece Garcia

Year 11 - Jude Taylor and Emily O'Sullivan

Year 10 - Taylor Pirie and Laura Siwecka

Year 9 – Aalie Ricketts, Bill McLoughlin andSean Walsh

Year 8 – Lordon Noronha and Caitlyn Guinnelly

Year 7 – Patryk Kowal and Nadine Trajano

Staff Miss Lardner HoSL Year 9and  Miss Stevens Asistant head of Year 7

Please click here for a full list of form representatives.

The Year representatives meet regularly with the form representatives from their year group and  their Head of Student Learning to pass on information from the student council, to receive feedback and to discuss issues to be brought to the next student council meeting.

In the Sixth Form there is a Vision team made up of representative from years 12 and 13. It works alongside the whole school student council and is integral to student voice.

The student council lead whole school assemblies and lead fundraising initiatives.

The student council works in partnership with school leaders, staff and parents.

We know that all students involved in the student council have the opportunity to develop key skills of Leadership, team work, responsibility, organisation, the opportunity to raise self esteem and build self confidence

We know how important our students are to our whole school community and ethos and as such take every opportunity to ensure that they are not only given a voice but are heard.