Year 11

I would like to introduce myself as the new Head of Student Learning for year 11 in what is an incredibly important year for our students.

This is a very talented year group and I am excited to see all the students reach their potential. In order for this to happen, students will have to work incredibly hard between now and their GCSE examinations.

All the staff at St James’ will do everything in their power to allow all the students in the year group to have a successful set of exam results.

I want to wish all the students the best of luck for this year and if we all pull together (students, staff and parents) then I am sure there will be a lot of happy faces come results day in August.

Mr Bird

Head of Student Learning

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Form Tutors


Miss Janin


Miss George


Mr Millar


Mrs Warrington


Mr Sellek


Miss McCaffrey



Upcoming Year 11 Events

Event Date Time
Year 11 Thanksgiving Mass 11 May 2016 5.30 PM
Year 11 Parents' Forum  21 June 2016 5.45 PM
Year 11 into 12 Transition Evening 21 June 2016 6:00 PM
Year 12 Induction Day 22 June 2016  
Prom 29 June 2016