Leisure & Tourism

At Key Stage 4 the Geography Department offers a GCSE Single Award course in Leisure and Tourism.

The Leisure and Tourism industries today represent one of the fastest growing industries and largest employers world wide.

The course will enable students to develop effective, independent learning skills as well as critical and reflective thinking skills.

Year 10

Unit 1 The Leisure and Tourism Industry

Topic 1.1: The Nature of the Leisure and Tourism Industry

Topic 1.2: Introduction to Business Operations in Leisure and Tourism

Topic 1.3: Factors Influencing Customer Choice

Topic 1.4: Introduction to Destinations, Impacts and Sustainability

Students are introduced to the leisure and tourism industries separately; they are given an overview of the components of each.  Case studies are completed to enhance understanding. Additionally students research a wide range of jobs. An exploration of business operations, including the use of ICT as a business tool and changes within the industry follow.  Students then examine, in detail, the reasons why different customers have different preferences as well as how customers’ differing needs are met.

Finally students are enabled to develop their knowledge of destinations around the world, the impacts of tourism and sustainable development.

Unit 4  Customers and employment in the leisure and tourism industry

In the Summer and the Autumn terms students will, on two separate trips, visit a leisure facility or visitor attraction or tourist destination. Past students enjoyed trips to the RAF Museum, the Chicken Shed Theatre and Stonehenge where, having carried out prior research, they collected data.

Year 11

A Controlled Assessment consisting of four tasks is completed by students. Two tasks directly relate to one visitor attraction, leisure facility or destination. Two further and different tasks are completed, using material relating to a different visitor attraction, leisure facility or destination. Students write individualised reports in controlled conditions for each task.

Topic 4.1: Visitor Attractions, Leisure Facilities and Tourist Destinations

Topic 4.2: Customer Choice

Topic 4.3: Providing Service for Differing Customer Types and Needs

Topic 4.4: Employment Opportunities in Leisure and Tourism


40%   Examination Paper: Unit 1

60%   Controlled Assessment: Unit 4.


In year 12 students may wish to progress to a Travel and Tourism Course.