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Year Groups

Each of our year groups is led by an enthusiastic and dedicated Head of Student Learning. They, along with their Assistant HoSL and form tutors, work to support and enhance every aspect of our students' education here at St. James'.

This is achieved through working collectively to monitor the attitudes and behaviour of our students. Concerns are addressed as they are identified whilst ensuring that achievements are fully recognised and rewarded, not only within the year group but also the wider school community.

The work of the year  teams is further enhanced by a Pastoral Support Manager (PSM). The PSM for Years 7 and 8 is Ms Stevens, the PSM for years 9 and 10 is Miss Agolli, whilst Miss Holohan works with Year 11.

Year 7

I am Mr Sellek, the Head of Student Learning for Year 7.  During the summer term, I visit the year 6 students, that are coming to St James', in their primary schools and explain all the steps in moving on to secondary school. This helps the transition to be as smooth as possible.

During the summer term, students come to St James'  for a Transition Day, to get a feel for St James' and to meet many of the teachers. They will also meet their form tutor and new form class.

The school year begins with a Welcome Mass.  The first reading (1 Corinthian 13) reminds us that we are one body with many parts. Like a family, when one part suffers, we all suffer, and likewise when one part rejoices, we all rejoice.  One of my favourite times of year is the Achievement Assemblies, where we celebrate hard work and achievement from across the curriculum areas and rejoice in each other’s successes.  

I am part of a larger team that is here to support all year 7 students throughout the year. Ms Stevens is our Pastoral Support Manager.  We also have a great team of form tutors who are the first point of contact.  Please click on my name below to e-mail us, no matter how small the issue or concern.

Mr Sellek

Head of Student Learning for Year 7


Form Tutors  
7S Mr Oza
7T Miss Moore
7J Ms Marx
7A Ms Tafaj
7M Ms Obeng
7E Mr Pachnis
7C Miss Lally


Year 8

Welcome to the Year 8 page! It is a privilege to be able to introduce myself as the Head of Student Learning of this talented year group. I am very much looking forward to working with each individual student and getting to know parents better.

Year 8 is always an exciting year; the students are no longer the newest members of the school and are a lot more comfortable with school rules and expectations, they also have over a year before having to decide on their GCSE options. So this is the year for them to start thinking about their future, consider pathways and develop personally & academically.

This year we expect students to continue with the focused and outstanding behaviour they demonstrated in their first year. We aim for students to have excellent attainment through our teaching, intervention & mentoring programmes and to help them improve their gifts & talents through our extra-curricular activities. 

Students will be encouraged to do their very best to achieve and make the most of their time in the school. We will be walking step-by-step with each student to ensure they are on track and plan to engage with parents regularly to ensure this happens. 

I am supported by our Pastoral Support Manager, Ms Stevens and our dedicated Form Tutors are on hand to discuss any queries you may have regarding students in their form, but alternatively feel free to contact Ms Stevens or I by e-mail, simply by clicking on my name below.

Miss Bohane

Head of Student Learning - Year 8


8S Miss Gardener
8T Miss Bayard
8J Mr Plum
8A Mr Chodurek
8M Miss Jacobs
8E Miss Mills
8C Mr Dewan


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Year 9

Welcome to Year 9, It is a privilege being the Head of Student Learning for this talented year group. Last year, we further developed relationships between students and parents and set clear expectations on behaviour and conduct.

This year our focus will be on attainment and academia and we will be demanding more from the year group. Students are beginning the first year of their 3 year GCSE studies and it is imperative that they start off well and meet their targets as early as possible.

Students will be encouraged to seek support and be accountable for their own learning, but we will always endeavour to be around to motivate, help and intervene where necessary. Our students should continue to make the most of the extra-curricular opportunities available to them and I look forward to sharing in the success of our students both academically and outside of the classroom with you all.

I am supported by our Pastoral Support Manager, Miss Agolli and our dedicated Form Tutors, who are on hand to discuss any queries you may have regarding students in their form.

To e-mail me, simply click on my name below.

Mr Tomene

Head of Student Learning Year 9


9S Ms Lovell
9T Mr Johnson
9J Miss O'Connor
9A Mr Linale
9M Mr Szymiczek
9E Mr Sarychkin


Year 10

I am delighted to have taken on the role of Head of Student Learning for Year 10 and am really looking forward to developing strong relationships with students and parents.

This year will be demanding for our Year 10 students as they undertake the first full year of their GCSE studies. It will be vital that they give their best at all times and the year team will be here to support them throughout the year and to help with any concerns that might arise.

I encourage our students to continue to make the most of the extra-curricular opportunities available to them and I look forward to sharing in the success of our students both academically and outside of the classroom.

I am supported by Miss Agolli in her role as Pastoral Support Manager and we can be contacted by e-mail if any issues arise, by clicking on my name below.

Mr Knibb

Head of Student Learning 

10S Mr Phelan
10T Mrs Wilmer
10J Ms Okwuosa
10A Ms Hajiantoni
10M Miss Bernard Roy
10E Mr Bongo



Year 11

It is my pleasure to introduce myself as the Head of Student Learning for Year 11 and on behalf of the year team, I am delighted to welcome you to the 2018-2019 academic year.

This year will require great determination from our year 11 students, but as they have already made a fantastic start to their GCSE studies, I know that they will continue to move from strength to strength.

I look forward to celebrating achievements with students and parents alike over the coming year and if you do have any concerns or comments regarding your child’s education, please do not hesitate to contact myself, our Pastoral Support Manager, Miss Holohan, or your child's form tutor. You can e-mail us by clicking on my name below.

I wish each student every success for the academic year and I know that there will be much to celebrate on GCSE Results Day in August 2019.


Mr Bird

Head of Student Learning


11S Mr Donnelly
11T Mr McCarthy
11J Mr Plum
11A Mr Stokes
11M Miss Walsh
11E Ms Bokhari