Business Studies

KEY Stage 4


Business is an integral part of today’s society. 

The role of business is to make the world a better place for everyone. It creates wealth and well-being, prosperity, jobs and choices. Whether you choose to work for business, set up your own, become a scientist, engineer etc, you will benefit greatly by studying the subject in some depth. 

In today's society Business operates on a global level.  It is a part of a larger society, and depends on the external environment for resources.   Competitive markets have made Business more important than ever before.

The Business Studies department will give you the skills to understand what makes a successful venture and equip you with the skills to apply this knowledge and go out and face the real world!

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Key Stage 5

In Business Studies, we strive to enrich our students’ love of the subject through well planned, interactive and innovative lessons across the department so you will be engaged and challenged throughout the course. Business Studies allows students to become confident citizens in a fast-paced and target-driven world. Business Studies introduces students to a range of challenges and issues faced when starting a new business.  They will cover the key areas of finance, marketing, HR and operations as well as looking at everyday businesses and how they relate to the key topics studied throughout the course. 

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OCR Cambridge Technical Diploma in Business Level 2 and Level 3

Our OCR courses offer students a wide opportunity to explore the business environment and understand the challenges and opportunities faced by businesses in the UK. Students will develop understanding of the key concepts in business and will cover areas such as finance, human resources, operations and marketing within a business. 

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