Student Services

At Student Services we act as a link between students, their families and the teaching staff here at St. James'.


Student Services is open between 8.15 am and 3.45 pm


If a student is unwell and unable to attend school, parents must ring Student Services in the morning before registration at 8.35 am in order to ensure that the child's Form Tutor is aware. On returning to school, students must bring a letter signed by the parent/guardian explaining the absence.


Wherever possible, medical appointments should be made outside of school hours. However, in the event that the student must attend an appointment , he/she must bring a signed note to Student Services confirming the appointment.


If  students are unwell they can report to Student Services.Those students that suffer from asthma can keep a spare inhaler in Student Services. For students requiring regular medication, this too can be kept in Student Services provided that it is accompanied by a letter explaining exactly what dosage is required and how often it needs to be taken. Medication must always be in its original packaging.


Student Services sell stationery at break-times. A full list of items available and prices can be viewed at Student Services.


If students forget their money, they must discuss this with their Form Tutor or Head of Student Learning.


Parents are encouraged to ask students to report any lost property to Student Services. All uniform should be clearly labelled with the student's name.


Payment for school trips, contributions to the Governors Fund and any sundry items should always be made directly by students to the Finance office. The Finance office is open every day from 8.15 am for this purpose and students are encouraged to hand in their payment before registration.


Telephone : 020 8358 2808

E-mail : Student Services