Message from Head Girl

As a pupil of St James’ since Year 7, I have experienced great success and achievements, developing into a mature adult.  Our school has allowed our year group to grow and develop into successful individuals, guiding us along the way and preparing us for the next step in our lives, whether that is to university or full time employment.

As you enter Sixth Form, with the support of the Sixth Form team, you are able to take on any workload and challenges that you are faced with. Going into Sixth Form is such a transition although with determination and commitment all students go on to succeed, growing as individuals along the way. A-Levels require a lot of independent study and research and there is a high requirement to work hard outside lessons ensuring that you come prepared and ready. Although A-Levels are a big step, students are supported a great amount by their teachers and peers.

Sixth Form students are seen as role models for the younger years and this reflects in the way in which we conduct ourselves around the school and how we interact with each other. In Sixth Form there is a Vision Team which insures that every student has their voice heard in order to improve the Sixth Form further.

Sixth Form at St James’ is a warm and welcoming community and I look forward to starting my final year here before University. I am so glad that I stayed on for Sixth Form at St James’ as I am supported in my learning every day, making sure that I achieve the best grades possible and continue to grow into a young adult.

Laura Kelly – Head Girl