Message from Head Girl

St James’ has offered each student the opportunity to thrive, exceed and achieve since I started in Year 7. Throughout the past five years, I have successfully advanced in not only my academic endeavours but also my actual career aspirations. I am honoured to represent my year group, who have all grown and flourished into successful and confident young adults, in repaying the school that has helped us become the mature people we are today.

Our Sixth Form family is a welcoming community who encourage each of its students to strive for academic success and success in all that they do, unlocking their full potential. In the Sixth Form there is an array of different extracurricular and academic activities accessible to benefit our students from each experience, ranging from fundraising subject competitions, school field trips, University visits, Scholars Programmes and volunteering.

The transition from Year 11 to Year 12 is challenging and shouldn’t be overlooked. Those first weeks will seem overwhelming as you are expected to be independent due to the increased work load and new course materials in subjects you may not have studied prior to the Sixth Form.  However, this new daunting chapter can be overcome with hard work, perseverance, sacrifice and determination. Unlike in the lower years, with A-Levels you are now considered a young adult and will be treated accordingly. Such as conducting your own research further delving into your subjects and reading ahead to surpass your personal targets and excel; the teachers are more than willing to help you if you do not understand something or are finding the transition difficult.

As I have been a student at St James’ since Year 7, I have experienced first-hand how much the upper years influence the lower years as we act as role models and young adults they aspire to be one day. With the help of Student Voice the thoughts and opinions of each of my peers and I’s are acknowledged and heard. We aim to be approachable to the younger years to show we support them and have also been through the hardships they are experiencing and that we too are here to prepare them for the next few stages of their lives.

Embarking upon my seventh and final year at St James, I feel so humbled to have started my journey as a young adult here as I have had so many amazing opportunities to excel and achieve in all that I do with encouragement at each obstacle. Although it saddens me to be approaching my final year, I am optimistic for the year ahead and looking forward to the challenges I will face. I hope you all have a successful and prosperous year and I wish you the best of luck in whichever path you choose in life.

Morgan-Reece Garcia - Head Girl