Message from Head Girl

Since Year 7, I have experienced a great deal of success and achievement over the years at St James' thanks to the support of teachers, the unlimited opportunities available to its students and the friendly atmosphere the school provides. As I have moved up through the school, I have been privileged to see our year group develop into mature adults and prepare to move on to the next step of our lives. Whether that is university or full time employment, the school has encouraged us in every aspect of our lives.

Moving from the lower school to Sixth Form is a massive transition to make, and poses new challenges and new workloads. However, with commitment and determination every student can achieve to the best of their ability. A-Levels require a great deal of independent study and dedication so therefore require students to be responsible young adults, and in return we are treated as such. We receive support from teachers and peers, and certain aspects of University life are even incorporated to our sixth form in order to prepare us for the steps to come.

As I have had the full experience here, having been a student since year 7, I understand how much the sixth form students can influence the actions and behaviour of the lower years. This added responsibility reflects in the students’ attitudes towards school life, portraying a focussed yet enjoyable school life and becoming role-models for those who are to hopefully become our future sixth form students. Every voice is heard and every idea is considered so that as a year group we can keep improving our everyday school life and the sixth form experience for the students to come.

My time at secondary school is drawing to a close as I embark on my final year. St James’ has given me countless opportunities, and has helped me and my peers mature, grow and prepare for life ahead. Staying on at the sixth form was a great decision as the teachers who have known me since day 1, can encourage and support me through the most difficult academic year of my life so far. Thanks to the loving and supportive community, the Sixth Form provides I have never felt so prepared.


Ellie Smith- Head Girl