Year 8

I am delighted to have the role of Head of Student Learning for Year 8 and hope to be in this role for this group of students right through to Year 11 when they sit their GCSE qualifications.

I have been a pastoral leader at St James' for many years and I look forward to getting to know all the students and their parents in the coming years.

This year will be a demanding year for our Year 8 students. We expect every student to work to the best of their ability, providing exceptional work and demonstrating excellent standards of behaviour. I look forward to regular dialogue with parents and students about progress made and individual achievements.

We encourage all students to take an active part in our broad range of extra-curricular activities and are delighted to share in their successes and achievements.

Year 8 have an outstanding tutor team who are hard working committed to tracking student progress and keeping parents informed. Miss Agolli is our Pastoral Support Manager and is always available for any students that have concerns in school.

Congratulations to our highest achivers in Year 8. They have had an incredible year in 2016-17 and their photos can be found on this page. Further information regarding their achievements can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

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