Messages from our Head Boy and Head Girl - St. James' Catholic High School

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Messages from our Head Boy and Head Girl

Message from Head Boy - Joseph Fay

It is now six years since I joined St James'. Over this time, I have learnt to appreciate St James' for what it truly is. It is a school that believes in everyone, regardless of how academic they may be, striving to ensure that every student exceeds their own expectations and refines the unique talents that they possess. As a result, St James' upholds the great reputation which I sincerely believe it deserves and I am immensely proud to say I am a pupil of. 

Year upon year, the staff of St James' have played a fundamental part in developing my education and have remained enthusiastic throughout. Now that I am the Head Boy, I see the role not only as an opportunity to improve the foundations in place, but also as a way of giving back to the school that has done so much for me. I have spent many years within the school now and, during that time, so many  staff have gone the "extra mile" for me.  

Our school is a Catholic school - this means a lot to me as the function of a Catholic school is to provide religious and moral formation in a world badly in need of the Gospel values, as highlighted by the recent terriost attacks. I have been an altar server for almost a decade and have been the Head Altar Server at my local parish for a number of years. In addition to my altar service, last year I was in Lourdes as a Red Cap, working alongside over 200 other young people from all over the diocese. Red Caps carry out a number of important roles throughout the pilgrimage including caring for the sick, guiding the crowds and welcoming people to all the services. My own strong Catholic values will allow me to promote the shared catholic values integral to our whole school community.

I believe that sport is essential to a young person’s development, as physical exercise is good for mind, body and spirit. Furthermore, team sports are fantastic for encouraging accountability, dedication, and leadership. I want to increase the number of opportunities available to students in terms of sports and to develop our school into the best school for sports in Barnet. I hope to obtain the Gold School Games Mark which is a Government  scheme, launched in 2012, to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition within school and in the community. I hope to work closely with the PE department this academic year to ensure we achieve this standard.

During my studies at St James', I have been able to develop many attributes, including responsibility, hard work, commitment and confidence. When I reflect on my years here, I can't say it has all been easy. From initially struggling in the majority of my subjects, I faced many challenges. However, with the support of staff, I have gained resilience and sheer determination to the extent that I achieved my goal of gaining mainly A* and A’ grades at GCSE.

Beyond academic achievements, I have also enjoyed myself at St James'. Enjoyment is a key element in the experience of school.  My enjoyment at this school is underpinned by the fantastic relationships I have built with teachers over the years and the friendships I have built with fellow students which will last a lifetime. I will try my hardest to make sure that younger members of our school are able to enjoy themselves in an environment where they can flourish, as this will be of benefit to them and the school.

I recognise the significant and demanding nature of this role, I am excited by the challenge the role presents and cannot think of a more rewarding way to conclude my final year at St James'.


Message from Head Girl - Jessica Afrifa

St James’ Catholic High School is a special and wholehearted place that is surrounded by the greatest of members, and this is evident through St James’ ethos which is founded upon integrity, respect and happiness; and these are all values which are constantly demonstrated from such a successful and welcoming community.

Over the years I have incredible memories here and I am overwhelmed by the passion and enthusiasm shown by the attentive teachers in every lesson.  Every student is encouraged and motivated to achieve their full potential. .  This school has evoked a sense of gratitude and confidence which I know will stay with me in the future.

St James’ offers a wide range of opportunities to allow students to demonstrate their skills beyond the classroom, building confidence through experience, as well as offering them the chance to meet new friends from across the year groups.  St James’ students always have outlets for creativity, competition and companionship.

Being Head Girl reinforces my duty to set a good example to younger students as well as represent the student voice. I am grateful to have the chance to work with the staff and students and as a team I hope we can maintain the wonderful relationship between teachers and pupils because both Joseph and I want to give back to the school as they have given us abundantly on our journey to pursuing greater futures.

As Head Girl I’ll be representative of the student population and the voice of individual student’s concerns and thoughts. This means being the communicative link between the senior leadership team and the students. This will strengthen the student body and ultimately helping us to develop as a school.

I am thrilled about the changes that have been made to the prefect system this year. By extending the student voice team, every student will have a way to communicate any worries or ideas that they have. This will create an effective support network for students, giving them access to any help they need to achieve their full potential.  I hope that this will develop throughout the rest of the year, as we find new ways to develop this sense of incorporation and student support methods.

It is, therefore, a  privilege for me to be Head Girl, as the school has given much provision during my  six years at St James’ and  without the kindness of its staff, the friendship of its students, and the pride of its past, St James’ would not be St James’.  I am proud to be able to represent its students, because in doing so I represent the people that make this school so special.

Have a pleasant and blessed year.