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Messages from our Head Students

Head Student - Kinga Plata

My name is Kinga and I am Head Student here at St. James’ Catholic High School. As part of my role, I work to ensure that every pupil is heard within our community and that the school is going everything it can to help each student perform to the best of their ability in order to achieve their immediate goals and beyond. Working alongside the sixth form team and Mrs Laws, I help provide students with a learning environment in which they can flourish and be prepared for whatever the future has to hold.

Being given this opportunity to represent the school is an honour for me. This is my seventh year at St James', which means that I am an established member of the school community, and I know how difficult it can be for students to face the challenges of secondary school. This puts me in an ideal position to be able to connect with students across all year groups and to support them through each stage of their academic life. 

My goal as Head Student is to help every individual envision their future and to be able to create goals which will allow them to fulfil their dreams. These include their academic and social aspirations.  I am working with each of the heads of year and individual students to find an approach which will fit everyone's academic needs and includes the best outcome for both students and staff. 

Throughout my time as Head Student, I will strive to be a role model and provide enhanced opportunities to everyone in the school community as a means of returning the excellent teaching support that was given to me since year seven. This role is a part of my legacy to the school and I want to help inspire students to become the best versions of themselves and incorporate the key values which are so crucial here at St James'.

Message from Head Boy - Alex Greville

At St James' my role, along with the rest of the sixth form team, is to ensure that everyone is given consistent motivation to progress and achieve to the best of their abilities. We do this by seeking input about the school from everyone and taking their views into consideration, making sure that we always aim to meet the needs of our peers in providing the ideal learning environment and making thir education as enjoyable as possible.

I can state, without hesitation, that my time at St James' has been incredible and the assistance I have been given to achieve my best has been invaluable  From my first day of year 7 to where I am today, as Head Boy at St James', I can certainly say that I have accomplished many things that I wouldn’t have been able to do alone, like achieving well in all of my GCSEs and currently on track to reach all of my predicted grades at A-level.

As well as providing me with a phenomenal academic education, the staff at St James' ensure that every student is welcomed every day and that coming into school every morning is enjoyable. Furthermore, the opportunities we are given are great, we are constantly given the chance to learn further away than the school premises, and we regularly benefit from school trips, like going to the Bank of England, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and even travelling to Austria to ski, to name just a few.

Overall, I can only praise  St James’  for the opportunities I have had to flourish and I’m certain that my last year here will be as great as the rest of my time here.  I previously would never have thought that I would be where I am today and that is all thanks to St James'.



Message from Head Girl - Elza Kanangila

This is my seventh academic year here and when I look back upon my time at secondary school, I realise what an amazing experience it has been, helping me grow from a timid young girl into a confident young woman.

St James' has provided me with so many skills that have brought me to this point and will help carry me through the tough years ahead.

Here at St James’ the academic goes hand in hand with helping to encourage everyone to live life their life to the full and to be ready to go out into the world as well-rounded individuals. As part of student leadership team, we aim tohelp keep all our students and teachers content. Hence why our job here is to listen to all of your opinions and together, we can be the difference that St. James’ needs. As Head Girl, I work towards positive, long term changes to the school, from simply upgrading the snacks in the vending machine, or on a more serious note, helping students cope with their personal issues. I’m here to be a helping hand.

It is in my experience that teachers and staff give everything that they have to help everyone realise their potential and goals. At St. James’, we are part of a strong community that acts as a family unit bound together by our Catholic faith. We are a support system. We, alongside the student leadership team, work together in harmony to create a safe and enjoyable environment to learn and work in.

Being a senior member of the Army Cadet Force, I will be working to teach students the many life skills I learnt from it, including introducing extra-curricular First Aid classes.

I feel deeply honoured to have been chosen for this challenging, but privileged role and I am grateful for all the opportunities this great school has offered me.You start here with trust, support, high expectations, clear guidelines and principles and mutual respect. For the next academic year, I will do my best to ensure that St. James’ continues to be the best that it could possibly be, as a school and as a community.