Geography is everywhere and our main aim in the department is to hook young people into wanting to ask questions and find out more about the world they live in. We hope that if young people do this then our young people we become more aware of the world they live in and help to make it a better place for us all in the future.​

We are a very strong department who have been together for 6 years. We have developed a clear ethos of team work and sharing ideas as seen throughout our teaching of all key stages. We all have specialist areas and I hope this little extract gives a flavour for each teacher’s specialist areas.

I have specialised in physical Geography, especially at university and sepecially enjoy teaching students about tectonics. I believe this area of Geography helps us develop an awe and wonder about the subject and make me feel the power of nature. I really enjoy teaching how we as humans try to reduce the impacts of all sort of hazards, but especially earthquakes and volcanoes. I also have a passion for understanding about how we learn and try to lead the department to trialling new ideas and hope to keep developing a new and exciting programme of study for all key stages.

Mr Aldridge - Head of Geography



This is a very exciting time for GCSE students as we are developing a much more enquiry based programme of study that incorporates fieldwork, physical and human landscapes, across both local and global scales. We will be taking time to get in the field and assess how urban areas are helping and hindering people’s quality of life, while we will be taking a look at how coastal landforms are being managed by humans. Both of which are areas that will continue to be study further in Key Stage 5, giving us a greater transition between Year 11 and 12 from 2016. We want to create an atmosphere where students ask deep questions about their surroundings.   We are looking forward to developing your geographical skills so you can make informed decisions in the future.



Our cohort for 2016 will have an opportunity to delve further into areas of study they are interested in, giving them the much independence in their programme of study. This will be in the form of a piece of coursework that they will write independently. The Sixth Form students will be able to get ready for the demands of university dissertation by enquiring the skills of researching, writing and evaluating. The course offers such a range of Geography, from how volcanoes can be monitored through computer technology to finding out how humans are developing new ways to combat climate change in emerging mega cities. The greatest opportunity in Geography is that’s its an  A level is at the fore front of global issues where we learn about present day date case studies and government initiatives that may not even have been agreed yet. The aim of this programme of study is to develop young adults that want to learn about the human and physical world, so they can informed and make a difference in the future.​



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