House System

At St James', we have six houses that support our VERITAS values and school ethos.

The purpose of the houses is to:

  • help all members of our school community to develop their ability to embody our values in all they do
  • bring all members of our school community closer together
  • support the school rewards system
  • support members of the wider local community
  • support our extra-curricular provision


All staff and students are allocated to one of the six houses and work collaboratively on shared aims.



Excellence is about doing one’s best.  It’s about putting in the effort.  While we all have different skills and interests than one another, it is the effort and commitment you give to something that helps you overcome challenges and excel.  Excellence is the product of hard work; whether it is for a new skill, something that is proving difficult for you, or being able to go further with things you are passionate about already.  Our school’s values all compliment one another - they represent a holistic approach to being the best you can be.


Resilience refers to how well you can deal with and bounce back from the difficulties of life. It can mean the difference between handling pressure and losing your cool. Resilient people tend to maintain a more positive outlook and cope with stress more effectively.   As a house we strive to give our best at all times but, more importantly,  we aim to see setbacks and mistakes as something positive to learn from, so we can improve next time. We are proud of our place in the school's Veritas values and know that if we can adapt to overcome challenges, we will be stronger, happier people. 


Integrity is about being able to show others that you can not only recognise what the right thing to do in a situation is but that you are willing to do the right thing too. People with integrity act as role models for the rest of us by showing that they are willing to stand up for what they believe in. This is especially important when we consider issues of social justice such as racism, gender inequality, and poverty that affect our society today. Members of House Integrity are proud to show that by demonstrating this important VERITAS value we can set a positive example for members of our school community, as well as our broader local community.


Trust is what unites us as a human race. It allows us to engage and operate with each other, to know that the person beside us can be relied upon for comfort and support. As people, we trust the people around us with responsibilities, knowledge and information. If all of these things combine together, then we make the world a better place. Underpinning all of this is the simple action of trust.


Aspiration is not the desire to have more, it is to be more. It is to be the best version of yourself, trying new things outside of your comfort zone, setting goals and overcoming difficulties and challenges you might once have shied away from. 

Envisioning the best version of yourself and taking small steps towards your goal can all be practiced in school and the wider community. In house Aspiration we encourage all students  to set high standards and work towards achieving their full potential.We are proud to be placed in the school VERITAS values in St. James and as encouraging and positive leaders throughout our school and wider community.


Service is the last of the veritas values but maybe the most important one. Humans are very social beings. We want to build a society and make sure that everybody feels welcome and has a place in the community. Service means that we help others out of the goodness of our heart, without expecting something in return. Any gesture, small or big, will be welcomed. People in house Service try to help out where possible, out of care of others. The saint that is associated with service is Mother Theresa. She spent her whole life caring for people at the edge of society, such as beggars, homeless people and sick people. As part of a Catholic school, we want to play an active role in the community by helping others in any way we can.