Year Groups

Each of our year groups is led by an enthusiastic and dedicated Head of Year. They, along with their team of form tutors, work to support and enhance every aspect of our students' education here at St. James'.

This is achieved through working collectively to monitor the attitudes and behaviour of our students. Concerns are addressed as they are identified whilst ensuring that achievements are fully recognised and rewarded, not only within the year group but also the wider school community.

The work of the year  teams is further enhanced by our Pastoral Support Managers (PSMs),Ms Stevens, Miss Agolli, Miss Holohan and Mr Faucher.

Year 7

I am absolutely delighted to be the Head of Year 7 and I am honoured to lead the year group through the next chapter in their education. As  Head of Year, it is my role to support, encourage and monitor our Year 7 students to ensure that they make progress both academically and personally. 

I very much look forward to supporting each and every student in order to achieve his or her full potential. I expect them to maintain high standards of behaviour and enthusiasm for their learning as they move forward with new and exciting challenges.

I am part of a larger team that is here to support all Year 7 students including the team of form tutors who are your first point of contact.

I aim to foster a positive atmosphere with my year group where all students feel valued and understand our shared responsibility for developing their academic, emotional and social skills so they can fulfil their potential and go on to be successful young adults.

Our Catholic ethos and school values are at the heart of everything we do and I expect Year 7 to embody our values through their actions. I very much look forward to sharing the successes of Year 7 both in and outside of the classroom, and I hope your child will take advantage of the many opportunities available here at St James'.​

Ms Alleyne

Head of Year 7



Year 8

Welcome to Year 8, It is a privilege to be the Head of Year for this talented year group. 

Last year, despite the terrible disruption that the Covid outbreak caused, this year group performed excellently throughout, developing their academic skills and getting to grips with the clear expectations the school has with regards to behaviour and conduct.

Having developed relationships with much of this cohort last year,  I am very much looking forward to working with each student on a much more individual basis and getting to know parents better. I have no doubt that it will be another success for Year 8.

Year 8 is an exciting and important moment in our students lives. No longer the newest members of the school, this year is the point when students begin to really focus on their academic studies, consider what their strengths and interests are, and utilise this information to choose their options for GCSEs. Students will be encouraged to seek support and be held accountable for their own learning, with the guidance of the team of Year 8 form tutors, Miss Johnston and myself. 

We expect Year 8 to continue with the focused and outstanding behaviour that they demonstrated in their first year. We aim for students to have excellent attainment through our teaching, intervention & mentoring programmes and to help them further develop their gifts and talents through our extra-curricular activities. 

Students will be encouraged to do their very best to achieve and make the most of their time in the school. We will be walking step-by-step with each student to ensure they are on track and plan to engage with parents regularly to ensure this happens. 

I am supported by our form tutors who are on hand to discuss any queries you may have, but if you would like to contact me directly, please click my name below.

Miss Agolli

Head of Year 8


Year 9

Welcome to Year 9, 

We intend that the pastoral provision in Year 9  echoes our whole school mission as well as developing the potential of every Year 9 student so that they should have a happy and successful time now and in the future.

Our vision is that Year 9 students at St James' should be supported  to live life to the full both during their time here and beyond. We welcome involvement from students and parents and welcome your views and suggestions throughout the course of the academic year.

As students are starting their GCSE courses, our team of form tutors and I will be on hand to support them along the way and ensure that they have every opportunity to fulfil their full potential in the years to come.

Our enthusiastic year team are committed to helping Year 9 students to develop personally as well as academically and will encourage them to take an active role in the community.and extra-curricular activities.


Miss Mistry

Head of Year 9


Year 10

Welcome to Year 10!

My name is Mr Knibb, and I will be leading this confident year group during this academic year.

This is an exciting year as students enter the second year of their GCSE courses and make plans to undertake work experience at the end of the year. Last year, students  built firm foundations on their selected courses and this year they will build on those foundations to help ensure that students have full support to fulfill their potential.

Our focus on attainment has not changed and we expect each student to be engaged in their learning and work to the very best of their abilities. We encourage each student to seek support as early as possible and to be accountable for their own learning, but we will always endeavour to be around to motivate, help and intervene where necessary. 

Our students should continue to make the most of the extra-curricular opportunities available to them and I look forward to sharing in the success of our students both academically and outside of the classroom with you all.

I am supported by our dedicated form tutors, who are on hand to discuss any queries you may have regarding students in their form.

To e-mail me, simply click on my name below.

Mr Knibb

Head of Year 10



Year 11

Dear Year 11

I am delighted to continue as your Head of Year during this important time of your academic career. 

I want you all to be assured that, despite interruptions to your education caused by the pandemic,  the school will continue to ensure that you are in the best position possible to succeed in your exams and have a hugely positive future ahead of you.

All I ask is that you take the challenges that this year will present head on, recall all the lessons and messages from last year and work with us as you reach the end of this key stage. 

If you are prepared to put the work in, then absolutely anything is possible but remember that success is not handed on a plate, it requires commitment and dedication, but know that I will be here to support you to achieve your full potential.

I look forward to a really positive year ahead with plenty of opportunities for praise, exceeding expectations and making the most of your time, as this year will go very quickly.

To contact me by e-mail please click on my name below.

Mr Tomene

Head of Year 11