Our Faith in Action

Our Catholic faith lies at the heart of everything we do and permeates the school community and curriculum. Religious Education plays a central role in encouraging the growth and development of students' faith.

We aim:

  • to assist in making Christ and the teaching of the Catholic Church known to all people and to support parents in their children's educationa nd religious formation.
  • to be at the service of the local Church - diocese, the parish and the Christian home.
  • to contribute to the creation of a society that is highly educated, skilled and cultured.

During the year, students take part in a number of masses and religious services. Each week there is an assembly based around the liturgical calendar. Prayer and collective worship form an integral part of daily life at St, James'.

Our school chapel offers students regular opportunities for personal reflection.

St James' teaches the truths of Catholic belief and practice and provides an opportunity to explore and reaffirm our students' own commitment. Students learn to cherish Christian values and to respect the people around them as part of their journey of faith.