Examination Guidance for Students & Parents

Suggestions for Parents to support thEir children

Managing Exam Stress Video


  • MUST be on TIME for all examinations.
  • MUST NOT become involved in any unfair or dishonest practice. If you try to use any unfair practice, or break the rules in any way, you could be disqualified from all your subjects.
  • MAY take into the examination room only the materials and equipment which are allowed.
  • MUST NOT  take into the examination room any unauthorised materials or equipment such as NOTES, CALCULATOR cases/instruction leaflets, bags, electronic communication devices, mobile phones, iPods, mp3/4 players.
  • Any pencil cases taken into the examination room MUST be SEE-THROUGH.
  • MUST NOT use correcting pens, fluid or tape, highlighters or pale coloured gel pens in your answers.
  • MUST NOT talk or otherwise communicate with or disturb other candidates once the examination has started.
  • MUST NOT borrow anything from another candidate during the examination.
  • Arrive at least 10 minutes BEFORE the start of each examination.