Welcome from our Head Student

My name is Esther and I am the elected  Head Student at St James’. I am currently in year 13 and studying A-Levels in English Literature, Mathematics and Physics. 

When I first joined St James’  in year 7  I remember feeling incredibly welcomed from the moment I stepped inside the school gates. All the staff here at St James' want students  to be happy, safe and to be successful. Our VERITAS values permeate all through the school-life for students.  For instance, excellence is supported through high expectations of attendance and punctuality and aspiration is observed when students are working towards their end goal,having self-belief that we can do anything we want to.

Alongside the wide range of academic options we have available , students are also encouraged to participate in extracurricular, cultural capital and leadership opportunities around the school.

Some of my experiences include when I took part in the Scholars Program in year 9 where I was able to experience what studying at university level entailed. I visited  both Oxford and Cambridge universities to get an insight to what a highly selective university feels like. In both years 10 and 11, I was a Year Representative where I was part of bringing about change to the school uniform by campaigning for girls to be allowed to wear trousers.

I hope you’ll find that St James’ is not only a school that allows you to flourish academically, but also helps you become a well rounded individual. My experience here at St James’ has been one of a kind, one that I believe I could not have experienced at any other secondary school. All secondary schools teach students the necessary curriculum, but St James’ challenges students to ensure we become the best version of ourselves.


Esther Adeyimi

Esther Adeyemi yr12