Catholic Life

Welcome to our Catholic Life of the School page.

As a Catholic School, Chaplaincy and Religious Education are central to the life of the school. Our Catholic faith influences all the work of the school which strives to follow the gospel values of love, justice and concern for others.

Retreats And Liturgies

The final blessing of the mass commands us to “Go in peace, glorifying the Lord by your life”. As Catholics, our faith does not stop on Sunday. It permeates everything we say and do. This sections looks at how the liturgies, retreats and prayer days empower us to live this final blessing and glorify the Lord by our life.


Retreats enable pupils to take a step back from life and organise priorities. The days take place at both our local RAF museum and local parish, St Margaret Clitherows. Our Chaplain and members of the RE department run the activities and workshops based on the following themes.  All retreats end with mass celebrated by Fr Brian.

Year 7: “I’ve found love in a hopeless place”  Students examine the commission to love each other. The parable of the Good Samaritan forms the basis of the day. Students also look at the life of St James and link this to their own lives.

Year 8: “Forgiveness” – Using the parable of the Prodigal Son, students look at the concept of forgiveness in relation to the love of God. This retreat takes place during lent so links in with the school reconciliation program.

Year 9: “Holy Spirit” – This retreat takes place just after Pentecost. Many year 9 students will have just made their conformation. We explore the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the responsibility of being a Christian in the world today.  Sr Karen, a Dominican sister joins us for this retreat, again reinforcing the Dominican rootes of the school.  At the end of the day students are commissioned to “be the person God intends you to be and set the world of fire” (Catherine of Siena)

Year 10: “Journeying”  Year 10 have a ½ day of reflection looking at how to deal with the more challenging aspects of life.  Based of Jesus life, and following his journey including the crucifixion, students see how growth often happens at the lowest and more vulnerable times of life. Whilst life at times can be hard, by keeping focus on the resurrection, situations can be turned around.    

Year 11: “I can” The year 11 retreat day is designed to make students realise their true potential.  An empowering video launches the day.  Students are then encouraged to reflect on their aspirations and ask God for the gifts needed to fulfill them.  

Sixth Form: “Becoming a Missionary Disciple”.  Pope Francis is encouraging us to become "missionary disciples". A missionary disciple is someone, like St. Paul, who knows Christ as a friend, and who is willing to take risks so that others might know Christ as a friend and invite people to share in his divine life in the Church. This retreat is designed to challenge pupils to think of themselves as missionary disciples, as they embark on their life ahead of them.

Other Chaplaincy Events:

Throughout the year, students are encouraged to take part in additional diocesan events taking place throughout the UK.  These include:


Dominican Pilgrimage to Walsingham


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