Posted on: 19/09/2019

Year 12 Activity Day at Stubbers

On Friday 19 of September, Year 12 attended a fantastic enrichment day at Stubbers Outdoor Adventure Centre.  

When we arrived we were split into groups and my first activity was canoeing, an activity I and almost all of the group had never done.  I really enjoyed it and even the time spent falling out of a canoe has made for some unforgettable memories. My next activity was jet skiing and yes it definitely was as fun as it sounds.  It was also an activity I had never done and this made for an incredibly thrilling experience.  

After lunch, my group were allocated to raft making. Despite our strong start and great teamwork, the raft only made it a few metres on the lake before gradually dismantling itself. However, my teammates and I had convinced ourselves that, despite finishing in last place in the race, that we still had a moral victory as we stuck together, even when our raft didn’t. 

My final activity of the day was rock climbing. An activity I have done before but actually found surprisingly difficult on this occasion. But with the support from my group that were quite literally holding me up, I made it to the top along with many other members of my group.  It was a fantastic day!  I got to talk to the people in the year that I hadn’t particularly got to know while at St James’ and also got to experience many adventurous activities I had never tried before.  It was a really fun day for all involved and would definitely recommend the experience to any future Year 12s.