Posted on: 24/02/2020

Sixth Form Ski Trip to Andorra

On the first day of skiing, we all got all our boots, helmets and skis. Then put our shoes in a bag with our names on it and put them in the locker we had for all our skis. When we were all ready the beginners went off to their group and then the rest were taken off to go to do a mini test, to determine whether you would go in the intermediate or advanced group. During the mini test some people forgot their ability to stop, leading to them falling over and ‘skiing’ halfway down the slope helplessly. Whereas others did it with ease. The two groups were then split evenly having 12 in each. Everyone skied for 5 hours every day with a two-hour lunch break.

During the 5 hours of skiing it was inevitable that there would be some sort of crashes and falls or in Sam O’Connell’s case go missing and completely get separated from his group. Every night when we would be finishing our dinner, Mr Chodurek and Mr Dewan would hand out a teddy for dope of the day. The person who won the ‘award’ had to bring this teddy around with them everywhere including whilst they were skiing. If they failed to do so their forfeit would be to sit with the teachers at dinner and serve them food. So, on the first day the ‘award’ was undoubtedly given to Sam.

The second day was all calm, the usual falling and crashing here and there. But it was all calm until we heard that Raphael had knocked an old man out unconscious for 20 seconds by crashing into him - unintentionally of course. Later that day we all went to the spa and spent two hours there. The dope of the day didn’t go to Raph as it was more barbaric than dopey. The award went to Aidan, Liam, Holly and Sarah for forgetting where their locker was in the spa where they put their clothes and towels in. Not only did they forget where their locker was, they had to get two teachers and two members of staff to try and look for their locker.

The next day everyone was doing well at skiing; the beginners were progressing faster then any other ski trip. An all-around great day. It was hard to find a dope of the day until Mr Chodurek overheard a conversation that was happening on the coach on the way back from skiing, about if unicorns could fly a pretty pointless argument but then they started talking about Pegasus, a horse with wings. Which then lead to Georgia turning to Mr Chodurek and asking if there are horses that actually have wings.

On Thursday again a pretty much flawless day. Apart from when Monica had an accident and had to have medics pick her up and take her down to the hospital. Thankfully, Monica came out of the hospital all fine and well. The situation was all dealt with calmly and professionally.

Friday was the last day of our skiing. However, we only had 2 hours. In that time Kacey, Kehinde and Henrietta still managed to squeeze in the last accidents of the ski trip. Thankfully they were all alright and there were no major injuries.

Overall, the ski trip was truly an unbelievable and breath-taking experience. Everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly and had no complaints. It was the perfect way to spend the half term.

Written by Jack Brennan