Posted on: 04/02/2021

Seminar with England's Head of Nutrition

Our PE students were incredibly fortunate to take part in an on-line forum with Professor Graeme Close.

Graeme is a Professor of Human Physiology and expert in sports nutrition at Liverpool's John Moore University.  He combines his research with providing consultancy to some of the world's leading sports organisations and is currently Head of Nutrition for the England rugby union team.

We are incredibly to Graeme for taking time out of the England camp in the midst of their Six Nations competition, to talk with our GCSE and A-level students and explain the role of a sports nutritionist.

The students and our staff found the session incredibly engaging and Graeme was very happy to field the numerous questions that the students raised. Graeme praised the students for the level of challenge and originality in their questions.

Thank you Graeme and thank you Mr Linale for organising such a unique opportunity for our students.