Posted on: 31/03/2021

National Bespoke Leadership Academy Award from Sports Leaders UK

St James' Catholic High School are delighted to achieve Leadership Academy status..

St James' is now one of only 60 schools nationally and the first school in Barnet to be accredited with this outstanding status.

For many years, St James' has been a flagship school for Sports Leadership and whole School Leadership, encouraging its students to participate in the Young Leaders Award, Level 1&2 Community Sports Award (CLSA) and the Higher Sports Leader Award (HSL)

Leadership Qualifications in Sport encourage students at St James' to become passionate about working with young people in Barnet Primary Schools and the local community, to engage students in developing a variety of life enhancing skills such as respect, determination, enthusiasm, commitment and above all resilience.

Students learn to organise, plan and deliver sports sessions and events within the school and local community.

St James' works closely with Barnet Partnership School Sport (BPSS) where many of the students are engaged in running and co-ordinating Primary School Competitions, festivals of sport and disability events.

Leadership qualities have enabled the students to develop skills in teamwork, problem solving, communication and self- belief. All these qualities are valuable tools to equip our leaders for school, university and employment.

Carolyn Laws, Headteacher says

"Sports Leadership has been an integral part of the whole-school leadership programme for many years at St James’. The programme is fantastic in allowing our students to truly live out the ethos of the school and embody our values of excellence, aspiration and service to others. It reaches students of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, making it a genuinely inclusive leadership experience, and equips our students with invaluable skills for the future."


Well done to Miss Lardner, colleagues and all the students that have so willingly contributed to our leadership programmes. The national recognition of your efforts is so well deserved.