Posted on: 07/06/2021

Brilliant Club Graduations


A huge congratulations to our Year 8 and Year 12 students who were selected to take part in the Brilliant Club programme and this term celebrated their achievements with an live online Graduation Event in school. 


The Brilliant Club is a programme that gives secondary school students the experience of university style learning of a topic they would not get to explore through the school curriculum, taught to them by a world class researcher. 


Both groups of students did a truly remarkable job to participate in the programme while learning online and in school. Students took part in six tutorials and then wrote a 2,000 word final assignment that challenged them to work above their current key stage,  receiving a university grade for their essay. 


Programme Titles

Year 8: 

  • Fast Fashion - Fashion shouldn’t cost the Earth 

  • An analysis of representation in the media coverage of the Boko Haram crisis


Year 12: 

  • Dissecting the Past: Comparative Anatomy and Fossil Species


Students shared what they had learned with their teachers and classmates. We thank our parents for supporting their child through the Brilliant Club and look forward to the future achievements of our students!