Posted on: 28/03/2023

The Addams Family Musical

We are so proud to welcome you back to St James for what is only our second-ever musical production, The Addams Family. After the success of The Wizard of Oz last year, the music and drama teams were inspired to develop the musical production into a yearly event, and after a lengthy period of dithering finally decided on a show which is more modern, mature, and musically challenging than last year's offering. Everybody knows the eponymous family, but despite two UK tours, the musical has never enjoyed a run in London's West End, and so we at St James are today bringing you the next best thing.

The score for the Addams Family is highly technically demanding for our singers, littered with irregular time signatures, complex harmonies, syncopation, and a good deal of hearty belting, but the cast has tackled these challenges fearlessly. Listen out for the chorus numbers "When You're an Addams" and "Just Around the Corner" to really hear the ensemble's full power! It has been a joy to work with such talented, dedicated young people, and I know many of them will have successful, enduring careers in the arts ahead of them.

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to every individual ticket-holder - without your sustained support it would not have been possible to produce this event.