Posted on: 08/01/2024

St James' Recognised for Racial Equality

We’re proud to have received a Bronze Racial Equity Award from FLAIR, independent recognition of our commitment to working towards race equality and our determination to tackle inequality within our school. Flair is an independent, leading race and ethnicity data platform that believes education has a vital role in promoting equity and inclusion to future generations. FLAIR has enabled St James’ to have a better understanding of the experiences of all its pupils through an annual anonymous survey. Our FLAIR Award recognizes the school's commitment to building a racially equitable culture.

We continue to work together to make St James’ a place where all students and staff feel valued, safe and supported to achieve their full potential, where racial diversity and inclusion are recognized and where racism of any kind is stamped out. Our race, diversity, and inclusion initiative, led by Ms. Westbury and Ms. Alleyne, aim to further develop our work on diversity and inclusion. 

Ms Alleyne and Mrs Marsh