Posted on: 17/11/2017

Anti-Bullying Week

The week of 12 November 2017 was designated as the national anti-bullying week and St James' students were invited to participate in a number of initiatives to raise awareness of bullying and the terrible impact that it can have on those affected by bullying.

Students and staff were encouraged to wear odd socks for the week in order to show support for the anti-bullying campaign. 

Registration and curriculum time were used to explore some of the roots of bullying, what constitutes bullying and explore the feelings os those involved or affected.

A poster competition was held to encourage students to provide a visual image of bullying that would in turn support the anti-bullying campaign. The standard of competition was genuinely incredible and the judges had an unenviable task in selecting the top 3, but the outcome was

1st - Jasmine Waters (9T) - A Keyboard Away Doesn't Make It Ok   

2nd - Chloe McGrath (12M) - Bullying Needs to Stop   

3rd - Juliana Guevarra (10E) - Words Leave Scars 

(click on the title above to view the relevant poster)

Thank you to everyone for their contribution to our anti-bulling week activities and special thanks to Ms Whelan for co-ordinating the events.