Posted on: 27/03/2018

Art Students Support RAF Exhibition

First of all, we created pieces of art based on the 3 letters from 3 different pilots; Jean Chaput, Bernard Rice and Peter Falkenstein. Afterwards, some of us were asked to talk about what we did on camera to be displayed in the museum. We were all very nervous as it was a new experience for us.

On the 27th  March, we set off to the museum where we could see the exhibition. It was quite an honour to see our art displayed on the walls along with many other talented people and Miss Hatton-Gore took a picture with the mayor! We were provided with delicious food and were free to walk around the exhibition and took many pictures. Afterwards, we went back to see our interviews- it was really funny but a bit embarrassing to see our faces on the big screen!

I think that the RAF exhibition was really fun and it’s a shame that this was the last one.